Mobil Application

Everyone has started to use smartphones since they came out. It is possible to fit everything from your easiest jobs to your most complex demands into mobile applications. Both in terms of ease of use and data security, mobile applications offer you useful solutions. We also prioritize security and user experience in our own developed applications. We regard our practices as science, not business. We follow modern standards.

During the coding process of an application;

First, we do project management. We take pages of notes. We do all the work of the screen on the paper. We design what the user demands from this app, what should or should not be on the screen. We decide on what the internal navigation of the application should be, what should be taken from the user, what should be given to the user.

While designing, we take parameters of ease of use and elegance. We know the fashion colour of this year just as we know how far a finger can grow, or we know what the user should feel and how to provide that feeling.

Things get a little more complicated when we're done designing and start coding. We code Swift for IOS, Java for Android. We know the safety standards and we attack our own system many times. We think about how to bring data in the fastest way during optimization, even at the slowest internet speeds. So we keep people from getting bored.

Even after the job is done, we continue providing our services and our technical support continues. How do we download the app? Or we're looking at things that we missed.